Info For Teachers

Hilltop teachers should at all times endeavor to excel in the following professional areas which form the basis of their annual assessment  

1. Should exhibit or learn to exhibit personal qualities such as cleanliness, tidiness and good spoken English.
2. Should have positive attitude towards work, always punctual and cheerful, taking initiative, meeting deadlines and rarely absenting himself or herself from school.
3. Should study the syllabus, consult textbooks and other reference books to prepare scheme of work and notes for teaching and be ready to improve on his/her skills by attending in-service trainings, professional courses and seminars.
4. Should prepare and present his lesson notes well and manage his class with no favoritism.
5. Should give enough exercise and homework, mark them and keep up to date records neatly and correctly.
6. Should have good human relations by relating well with colleague teachers, pupils and promote cordial relationship with Hilltop parents .
7. Should exhibit positive social traits by participating in extracurricular activities and foster positive relationship between teachers, parents, management and board members of the school.
8. Should not use position to solicit help or favours from pupils and parents.