Students at the college share the same boarding facilities with their counterparts at the local

1. You will get great teachers who love to teach.
Boarding schools traditionally hire teachers with degrees in their subjects. Typically all are passionate about their
subject and love to teach it to young people. There is more discipline in boarding school because of supervision.
2. You will have great sports and sports facilities.
Most boarding schools have amazing sports facilities. The range of sports and teams is mind-boggling.
3.You will have great arts programs and arts facilities.
Theater, dance, music, fine arts, in short, anything and everything artistic is part of the opportunity which awaits you at
most boarding schools.
4. You will get to live away from home.
It's never easy to leave the nest. But, doesn't it make more sense to make the move a few years before college? Of
course it does. You will learn how to cope with life and all its many high and low points within a community of your
peers who are going through the same things you are. All of this is happening under the watchful eye of your teachers
who are mentors, not baby-sitters.
5. You get ample time to study and assistance from teachers and peers is at your disposal.
6. You will be surrounded by classmates who want to go to college.
Your classmates are in boarding school because they want to be there. They want to learn. They want to be successful.
7. You get to access resources (library at night , labs) even when class is off
8. You almost never get late because every activity is timed
9. You never get lonely because you always have teachers and friends around.
10. Mentorship is provided, Christian teaching and principles to help guide your steps.