Info For Parents

For most parents helping your children find the right school and then helping them to succeed in school is one of your greatest parental responsibilities! So our expectations are that you,

  • Will be informed of the schools policies and of academic requirements.
  • Will guide your child to obey the rules of the school.
  • Be sure your child always attends school and arrives before the first class each morning.
  • Ensure your child is appropriately dressed for school, also taking into account uniform requirements vary throughout the year.
  • That during a school week your child goes to sleep early and they are sufficiently rested for a new day.
  • Provide your child with an adequate learning environment at home (i.e. desk, chair, stationery).
  • Encourage your child to be receptive to being taught, guided and where to be disciplined.
  • Maintain an up to date set of emergency telephone numbers and other pertinent to school.
  • Discuss report cards, assignments and their overall academic progress through out a year.