Info For Students

Parents and guardians are expected to assist the school authorities to ensure that their wards submit to the following guidelines for pupil behavior.

1. Early attendance to school. All pupils shall be punctual to class with their essential books and equipment s
2. Readiness to listen to instructions and learn. Pupils are expected to conduct themselves to promote positive environment for learning by not shouting when talking, handlings books gently and making good use of table and chairs supplied. Pupils found disturbing classes will not be tolerated and may be sanctioned.
3. Insubordination. Pupils are expected at all times to follow instructions and directions from the teachers and school staff. 
4. Conflicts. Differences between pupils should be handled in a positive manner and fighting or verbal abuse will result in disciplinary action. All conflicts should be reported to the class teacher, teachers on duty (TOD) or the Headmaster .The proprietress should be consulted when all attempts to resolve a conflict fails.
5. Selling of any items by any pupil or any unauthorized person is prohibited. Children are advised to report offenders to the headmaster, proprietress or class teacher. Stationery may be bought from the school bookshop and food from the canteen or may be brought from home.
6. Food and drinks are to be taken in the designated areas only and eating in the classrooms is prohibited.
7. Littering in the classrooms, laboratories, libraries, computer room and anywhere on the school compound is strictly prohibited. Offenders may be sanctioned.
8. Harassment, bullying and threatening in any form is not allowed and is subject to disciplinary action. Any pupil found to be sexually harassing any child or student will be dismissed and may be reported to police.
9. Care of school property. All books, supplies, furniture and other school property should be properly taken care of. Pupils will be required to pay and be sanctioned for any property which is deliberately damaged or destroyed.
10. Stealing in any form however small is prohibited and offenders will be punished or may be dismissed.
11. Honesty. Pupils are expected to be honest at all times and should avoid acts of cheating and dishonesty which may lead to disciplinary actions including dismissal.
12. Profanity and vulgar materials. Use of profane language and display of vulgar materials from books or internet are not acceptable and is liable for punishment or dismissal.