Is the Cambridge system recognized worldwide?
+Yes, log into to for more details .

Can I pay via banks since I stay outside the country?
+Yes, the accounts office will send you our banking details upon request

Will successful completion of the Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A-levels provide me with a pathway into local universities?
+Yes, locally the National Accreditation Board (NAB) has made it clear to all universities to consider the Cambridge A-level qualifications as entry into at least level-100 courses.

 Does Hilltop offer health insurance policies for students?
+For the meantime, we offer no insurance scheme for students at Hilltop. There are however a number of highly reputable organisations locally who provide that service here.

Do the semester school fees include a feeding program?
+No. Parents have to arrange either to provide food from home or purchase it from our professional caterer 

What is the minimum age for my ward to be accepted at the boarding house?
+It is recommended that students enroll at The Hilltop School at age two (2).

What is the minimum age for my ward to be accepted at the boarding house?
+8 years 

Are my children able to move from studying under the GES to the Cambridge program or vice-versa?
+Students may move from the GES to Cambridge program. However we discourage students moving the other way round (from the international program to the GES), due to the vast difference in curriculum structure.

Does the school bus students to school?
+No, parents must arrange for transportation for their wards. We may be able to assist you to obtain the contact details an honest "cabbie" for you.

Can my ward be exempted from physical education?
+Hilltop we believe physical education to be integral part of education program. As such students may only be excused from physical education with a doctors note.

What are class sizes like?
+Max class size shall not exceed 35.