The Hilltop School is partly governed by it's Parent and Teacher Association (PTA), an outstanding group of parents and friends of Hilltop who cooperate with the Board of Directors and School Management to build a school environment that ensures all children excel. At the Hilltop School we believe that both the child's home and the school are both responsible for the holistic development of the child. We therefore seek to promote open relationships between parents and teachers through formation of PTA.

The 12 elected members are appointed by the entire members of the association and are eligible for a maximum period of six years. The Executive Director and the Proprietress are also co-opted members of the PTA.

Rev.Dr. Okona Frimpong Chairman
Mr. Kusi Boateng  Secretary 
Mrs Owusu-Adade Financial Secretary
Mr. Frank Ofori Atta  Member
Mr. Onwona Nyarko  Member 
Dr. Sylvia Vanderpuve Member 
Mr. Justice Amanor Member 
Mrs. Kakraba Ampeh  Member 
Ms Odo Serwah  Member
Mr. Fenteng Baidoo  Member, representative for the basic school 
 Mr. Nikabu Lantame Member, representative for the college


Objectives of The Hilltop PTA

  • To promote understanding and cordial relationship among teachers and parents as regards to the  education of their children.
  • To create an avenue for teachers and parents to meet regularly to discuss issues pertaining to their  children’s upbringing both in the school and at home.
  • To promote opportunities for members of the Association to make positive contribution towards  development of the school.
  • To create understanding and cordial relationship between members of the Association and the  Management of the school.

All parents are expected to have copies of the Hilltop PTA constitution and to know its content.