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At Hilltop, we do encourage the children to take pride in wearing their school uniform.  We believe that it helps to distinguish various divisions and to unite us all behind a common badge and common colors.  It also helps us to identify each other when we are out in the community.  Our custom made uniforms are available for purchase from us at the school store at very reasonable prices.  No other uniforms will be allowed to be worn to school.

The prescribed school uniform should be worn on Monday to Wednesday; the PE uniform on Thursday for physical education and the school ceremonial cloth is worn for Friday and Saturday classes. 

Either the school uniform or cloth is expected to be worn by all final year students during Saturday classes and for all students during optional vacation classes. The school vest only may be worn and no other coats or vests are allowed.  The dress code should be observed at all times and unauthorized use of any uniform will not be allowed.


All books are sold at the school’s bookshop a week before reopening at the very  affordable price

About us

Hilltop School opened on September 29th 1997, with a first enrolment of 10 pupils from Nursery 1 through to Class 1. This number increased to 20 during the first term and reached an enrolment of 50 by the end of its first year. From an initial hiring of one headmistress,  a secretary, an accountant  and a teacher, Hilltop has grown into a campus that employs over 120 teachers and non-teaching staff with an enrolment of over 1,100  students across its five main divisions. 

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