Our Divisions

Catch them while they are young, as it is said at Hilltop! School management recommends that all children are enrolled starting at age of 2 (Nursery School) progressing forward to Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior High, Senior High, and the IGCSE program.

Note all Preschool classrooms are well ventilated with no more than 20 toddlers per class with a teacher and one or two assistants in attendance. The Preschool is well served with adequate water closets.  There is a unique infant library in the same building where all students may borrow library books for home reading as soon as they enter into Kindergarten or from age 3-to-4 going. All student learning and reading is monitored progressively once they commence Kindergarten.

Classes in Hilltop's Primary division have not more than 35 pupils in each class supervised by qualified professional teachers. Ghana Education syllabus is used and all children are expected to take 10 taught subjects including English, Mathematics and Science.

Junior High School (JHS)
A JHS class at Hilltop has not more than 35 pupils in a class with suitably qualified professional teachers. The Ghana Education Service curriculum is used here and all children are expected to take 10 taught subjects including English, Mathematics and Science.

Senior High School (SHS)
The Hilltop Senior High School is a private school using the Ghana Educational Service curricular and prepares the students for the West African Examination Council examinations. We admit graduates from our Junior High School and others across the country. We train them with the best educational content in preparation for higher learning anywhere in the world.

Hilltop SHS offers programmes in General Science, General Arts, and Home Economics. We have well ventilated multimedia classrooms with class sizes that ensure effective teacher attention per student. Our science and Food laboratories are well stocked and we have well qualified teachers leading these experiments and practical classes. 

Our teachers are experienced graduate teachers who are committed and competent, thus our students benefit from their vast knowledge and skills. 
We have modern boarding facilities for both boys and girls.

International British School (HIBS)
Visit website https://www.hibs.edu.gh

About us

Hilltop School opened on September 29th 1997, with a first enrolment of 10 pupils from Nursery 1 through to Class 1. This number increased to 20 during the first term and reached an enrolment of 50 by the end of its first year. From an initial hiring of one headmistress,  a secretary, an accountant  and a teacher, Hilltop has grown into a campus that employs over 120 teachers and non-teaching staff with an enrolment of over 1,100  students across its five main divisions. 

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