The uniquely accentuated 7-acre campus consists of a paved area of 1.5 acres, 2.5 acres of buildings, an AstroTurf sports park, half an acre of orchard and a well-kept green grass park area with evergreen trees, shrubs and flowers. There are 10 main buildings consisting of three single-storey, two double-storey, two triple-storey and one large 4-storey. There are 50 classrooms, 15 office spaces, two ICT laboratories with 80 computers, well equipped biology, chemistry and physics laboratories, a preschool library, secondary library and the international college library.

About us

Hilltop School opened on September 29th 1997, with a first enrolment of 10 pupils from Nursery 1 through to Class 1. This number increased to 20 during the first term and reached an enrolment of 50 by the end of its first year. From an initial hiring of one headmistress,  a secretary, an accountant  and a teacher, Hilltop has grown into a campus that employs over 120 teachers and non-teaching staff with an enrolment of over 1,100  students across its five main divisions. 

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  • Address: AK-660-4333, Cecilia Agyei Oteng-Amoako Street, Daban, Kumasi
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 0244 854 490  |  0556 148 964  |  0244 476 812  |  0322 299 229
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