School Anthem

Arise all ye Stars of Hilltop School
With a hope for a bright future
Faithful and loyal to our great God
The Stars of Hilltop School
Shout aloud for the whole world to hear
Shinning stars of Hilltop School
Let‘s raise our voices and give thanks
To the founders of Hilltop school

Arise all ye staff of Hilltop School
Forge ahead to reach our goal
All praising God and rejoicing  to be
A part of great Hilltop school
Shout aloud for the whole world to hear  
Arise, great Stars arise
Excellence, knowledge and integrity
Long live Hilltop, the great Hilltop School 

Composed by
Afua Owusua Oteng-Amoako 2001
Member, Board of Directors


School Pledge 

I promise on my honor
To be faithful to my country Ghana,
My parents, teachers and elders
I promise to be faithful and obedient 
To my parents who toil to educate me
My teachers who guide and teach me 
My elders who lead and guide me
I pledge to uphold the good name of Hilltop School 
And will strive at all times to achieve Excellence, knowledge and integrity 
I pledge to be steadfast in my faith in God
Persevere in time of joy or anguish
In health or in sickness In richness or poverty
In success or failure
So help me God!

Composed by
Afua Oteng-Amoako, 2001


We will lift our flag on high Hilltop school
Staff and Students 
Hail God, He is our strength
Hail the founders’ vision; so great
We will shine in all our challenges,
Give our best, all times,
We will shine among institutions
We will rise above all and shine
We will lift our flag high
Hilltop School staff and students
Hail God, He is our strength
Hail the founders ‘ vision; so great
We will lift our flag in unity,
Discipline, hard work,
lift  the flag Among institutions we shall always lift our flag

Composed by
Mr. Boampong,
Music Teacher 2000-2003